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Leoti, Kansas Tornado: May 21, 2016

Here is a short video showing the life cycle of a brief tornado near Leoti, Kansas late Saturday afternoon. I was chasing with Ian Livingston and we had a very eventful chase. This video...

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Mini-Supercell in Arkansas: April 30

After starting the day with a lot of uncertainties, I’m glad I stuck with this chase, because it ended up being worth the patience. Having chased the previous four days and five of the...

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Return to the Panhandle: April 28, 2016

Today was a classic panhandle chase that also brought me into northwest Texas and others into southwest Oklahoma. Structure was the key word tonight. As with many storms this season, the supercells in this...

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Missouri: April 27, 2016

Wednesday almost wasn’t a chase day, but having spent the night near Kansas City, it seemed silly to not at least give it a shot. The setup arguably outperformed the previous day, at least...

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Back to Kansas: April 26, 2016

After a short day off, it was right back to Kansas on Tuesday. The day was being hyped up as a major severe weather event and although it arguably was, the main stories of...

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First Plains Chase of 2016: April 24, Kansas

It was great to get back out to the Plains for the first chase of the spring season on Sunday. Central to northeast Kansas was my target yesterday and although there were no tornadoes...

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Analysis of 3/30 Tulsa Tornado Environment

A tornado affected the north and northeast suburbs of Tulsa, Oklahoma early yesterday evening. Despite the conditions in place, a Tornado Watch was not in effect, as instead, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch had been...

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