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Dangers of Forecasting with MOS

In a nutshell, MOS is a model that gives at-a-glance forecasts for specific locations. Although it’s an easy way to make a forecast, MOS has many known biases and issues. Bullet points… MOS has...

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Eastern U.S. Snowfall-to-Date

Here’s an approximate look at how much snow has fallen across the eastern U.S. so far this season. Snow was observed as far south as the Gulf Coast and many locations further north saw...

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Other Storms and Near-Misses

Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was a powerful storm and one of the most significant weather events in decades to hit the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region. Although the storm was a hurricane as it approached the...

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Heavy Rain Tonight

Rain will become heavy at times later tonight and this could result in some poor drainage and other localized flooding. Low pressure will develop along the mid-Atlantic coast later today. An area of enhanced...

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Diva Chasers

The Diva Chasers are an all female chase team out of Texas/Oklahoma. No views yet

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Connecticut Hurricanes

In 1985, After a 25 year hurricane “drought”, Hurricane Gloria threatened the area. Due to its’ strength, large size and forecast track towards New York City, it was one of the biggest weather stories...

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What is a Severe Thunderstorm?

Most know what a thunderstorm is, but what exactly is a severe thunderstorm? Thunderstorms are often accompanied by heavy rain, lightning, strong winds and even hail or tornadoes on occasion. Once a thunderstorm becomes strong enough,...

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New England Hurricane Tracks

The “typical” New England hurricane starts out between the coast of Africa and the Lesser Antilles. There have been cases in which a storm developed further northwest, but for the sake of averages, the...

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