Monthly Archive: June 2014

Complex Severe Setup Today (6/29/14)

Although there is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms today, as forecast by the Storm Prediction Center, it’s a complex setup with several uncertainties. The biggest complicating factor is convection (thunderstorm activity) that’s already...

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Gustnadoes Galore

Friday was a highly anticipated potential tornado day, but aside from a suspect report near Goodland, there were no verified tornadoes as of Saturday morning. There were, however, several impressive gust fronts, gustnadoes, otherwise...

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The Nebraskan Night

This was not expected to be a night for storm chasing. In fact, I started the day in central Kansas and was planning on checking into a hotel in Lincoln, NE and calling it...

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Nebraska-Kansas Chase (June 27)

The severe thunderstorm threat today targets southwest/south-central Nebraska down into the northwestern chunk of Kansas. A few isolated tornadoes will be possible, especially just northeast of a surface low from mid to late afternoon....

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Colorado Storms 6/25/14

Wednesday was a travel/chase day as I started the morning in New Mexico and made it into northeastern Colorado by mid-afternoon. While some storms were firing to my east, I caught something in the...

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Exploring New Areas to Chase

Today starts what should be a long stretch of several storm chasing opportunities. Today will bring me to a new area that I have not visited yet, the High Plains across eastern Colorado. My...

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Chase Potential for the Next Week

After taking about a week off from storm chasing, it looks like there will be several potential chase days between Wednesday, June 25th and Tuesday, July 1st. I have been staying with a friend...

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Lane/Alpena Tornado: Wide Angle Video

Here’s nearly complete footage (22 minutes) of the tornado, starting just as the storm was underway and ends just a few minutes before it roped out. 1,071 total views, no views today

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