Fall Foliage Report: Oct. 23

Peak color has been reached or is fading across much of Connecticut

Peak color has come and gone across the higher terrain. The coastal plain and deeper valleys are still experiencing near peak to peak foliage. Note that colors and the leaf drop do vary substantially from one location to the next.

Past peak:
The hills of western and northeastern Connecticut have moved past peak foliage. Here, there is a heavy leaf drop with many areas reporting an abundance of bare trees. While spotty color remains, the conditions are generally considered past peak.

The Connecticut River Valley, southeastern Connecticut and a narrow portion of interior southwestern Connecticut are reporting peak foliage. Here, the foliage conditions are not consistently vibrant, but plenty of color remains.

The I-95 corridor from Groton west to the New York border is approaching peak color. Although there has been a spotty leaf drop here as well, there are many trees that still have leaves, particularly oaks, that have not yet turned.

Into this weekend:
The foliage season is winding down across Connecticut, but there will still be at least a few good viewing areas in the coming days. Locations near the Connecticut River in central portions of the state are noting fairly widespread color. Although this area will shrink into the weekend, the further south one goes, the more widespread the color should be. The shoreline and beaches may yield some quality foliage as well into Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Recent windy, rainy days have caused a significant leaf drop across many areas. The season is clearly on the decline, but some of the sheltered valleys and shoreline should continue to feature at least some leftover color into the final week of October.

Map color table:
Green – Most leaves are green
Lime green – Patchy color is noted (more than 50% green)
Yellow – Colors are approaching peak (more than 50% turning)
Orange – Colors are peaking (more than 75% have turned)
Brown – Colors are turning brown and leaves are falling

Reports will be posted each Monday and Thursday through the foliage season.

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