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Frequently asked questions about storm chasing, my experiences and much more.

Storm Chasing: When Is It Time to Bail Out?

I recently had a storm chase in Oklahoma that lead me to purposely bail away from a tornado-warned storm. Why? In my mind there comes a time when you need to bail out of...

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Is Storm Chasing Expensive?

Simply put, is storm chasing expensive? Perhaps a better question is: Does storm chasing have to be expensive? To that, my answer is a resounding no. Some chasers will spend tens of thousands of...

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Where Did I Chase in 2015?

This year has been very rewarding, because I have had the ability to chase more than 50 thunderstorm events, while covering all of this land by car. That’s nearly 70,000 miles in just about...

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What’s Challenging Besides the Forecast?

“What’s the biggest challenge you face with storm chasing, besides the forecast and storm itself?” I would have to say that the single hardest thing comes down to road navigation. While road networks are...

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How Long Have I Been Chasing?

People often ask how long I have been storm chasing. Aside from running out into thunderstorms as a kid, I didn’t really start trying to storm chase until college. It was sometime around 2006...

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