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South Dakota Storm Chase: Aug. 9, 2016

This video condenses about an hour’s worth of video into less than four minutes.The chase began with a dominant supercell thunderstorm that passed from southeastern Montana into northwestern South Dakota. Through early evening, multiple thunderstorms...

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Top 10 Storm Chases of 2015

Here is a countdown of my top 10 storm chases in 2015. Storm chases were ranked by a number of factors, including photo opportunities, storm structure, excitement, etc. Let me know what you think!...

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Storm Footage and More: 8/9

On the heels of a conditional tornado threat, a setup with more widespread severe thunderstorm activity was likely on August 9th. I stayed in Omaha the night before, as I knew there would be a...

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Nature’s Fireworks

Mother Nature provided some fireworks for the fourth of July across the northern Plains. A few severe thunderstorms developed late in the afternoon, persisting into the evening hours. While storms initially took a while...

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Black Hills, SD Supercell

After starting the morning in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I managed to leave by 6 a.m. and arrive in South Dakota before sunset. (That was over 800 miles of driving, nearly non-stop.) A supercell thunderstorm...

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Lane/Alpena Tornado: Wide Angle Video

Here’s nearly complete footage (22 minutes) of the tornado, starting just as the storm was underway and ends just a few minutes before it roped out. 1,031 total views, no views today

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Lane, South Dakota Tornado: Source 2

I witnessed a tornado from start to finish in Lane, SD on Wednesday between about 8:00 and 8:28 p.m. This is video from a video camera mounted inside my car. Due to this setup,...

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