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Colorado, Nebraska Tornadoes: June 12, 2017

The storm chase took a while to get going, as relatively high cloud bases limited the tornado potential until late in the afternoon. Once that happened, it turned into one of the top chases...

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Tornadoes Near Dodge City: May 24, 2016

Here are videos from the first of several tornadoes between Minneola and Dodge City, Kansas on May 24th, 2016. 683 total views, 0 views today

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Top 10 Storm Chases of 2015

Here is a countdown of my top 10 storm chases in 2015. Storm chases were ranked by a number of factors, including photo opportunities, storm structure, excitement, etc. Let me know what you think!...

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Panhandle Magic Part II: 11/16

In perhaps one of the last storm chases of the year, a tornado outbreak struck the High Plains from the Texas panhandle to western Kansas. It was a setup you would expect to see...

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June 2015 Tornado Forecast

Recapping May: On the heels of a relatively active month for severe weather and tornadoes in April, May 2015 continued the pace. Although the month started slow with no tornadoes for the first two days...

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May 2015 Tornado Forecast

The April tornado forecast was a trial run and a lot has been learned since it was made. After some success with that forecast, I will be incorporating a lot more statistical analysis (analog...

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April 2015 Tornado Forecast

After a very persistent pattern through much of the winter, featuring a large ridge across the West Coast of the U.S. and troughing in the East, the pattern is undergoing changes. After record low...

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Violent Tornadoes: 1962-2011

Over a 50-year span from 1962 to 2011, the most violent (F/EF-4 and F/EF-5) tornadoes occurred over Oklahoma and Mississippi. The maximum grid-points reported 16 over that period, with two of those grid-points in...

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