Top 10 Free Computer Model Websites

#1: The College of DuPage has a great website for models and other weather data.

#2: Penn State has an outstanding weather resource called the Electronic Wall (e-Wall).

#3: Meteo Centre is a great site for American and international computer models.

#4: Earl Barker has designed a comprehensive model website called WXcaster.

#5: WPC has an experimental website for viewing model trends and other diagnostics.

#6: MOS products are text forecasts that can be very useful with weather forecasting.

#7: The Storm Prediction Center’s (SPC) SREF is a very useful model to use.

#8: UWM has a great website to view the tropical forecast models.

#9: MeteoStar is a site for computer models and other weather information.

#10: NCEP is one of the most commonly used websites for computer model access.

Honorable mentions:

Twisterdata –
This website is another great resource for predicting severe weather.

Plymouth State –
This website has a lot of helpful model links and other weather analysis and historical information.

CIPS Analog Guidance –
Analog-based forecasting compares model forecasts to historical weather setups.

If you are in a position to pay for model data, here are some sites to consider…

Stormvista –
A very fast updating site with some great model data and graphics. I have not seen a model website that updates faster than Stormvista. They also have regional Northeast views for the models, including the Euro.

WeatherBell –
This site is relatively new and keeps adding new models and data all of the time. It’s an outstanding source for models and weather analysis, if you are willing to pay for it. Their addition with the HRRR model offers even better quality than could be found at the “original” HRRR website from NOAA. They also added some Euorpean ensemble maps that are nothing short of outstanding.

AmericanWX –
The AmericanWX site used to offer free models, but now there is a fee to view them. While the graphics were free, there were some very useful graphics with the GFS ensembles and European ensembles.

Accuweather Pro –
I am not terribly familiar with this site, but I have seen some of its data. I think that it’s probably a good site, but some of the snowfall maps that I have seen, for example, were not high enough equality for me to recommend. (when comparing various Euro snowfall maps, the totals from Accuweather Pro didn’t match up with other data)


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